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Ninebot One next generation electric DELTA CYCLES

One Segway / unicycle / riding motorized scooters/electric vehicle / outdoor/leisure/handsfree

Ninebot, yang memiliki beberapa model skuter self-balancing termasuk satu tanpa pegangan, yang dikenal sebagai "One",
sekarang akan memiliki "lineup paling komprehensif dari produk dalam industri", dengan fungsi bisa sebagai charging dan mudah dibawa kemana - mana.

Ninebot high-profile pendukung, mitra Sequoia Capital Cina Neil Shen dan Xiaomi Lei CEO, baik memiliki catatan nasionalistik dalam sambutannya.

Ninebot one is a motorized unicycle to work in shifts of pilots.

It is light-weight design easy to carry around and futuristic design next-generation mobile tools.
In the caution notes * Japan road is prohibited.
* Driving helmet protector wear please.
?Manufacturer part No.
475 mm x 453 mm 175 mm
?Packing size
540 mm x 518 x 215 mm
LEXAN PC aluminum alloy, AZ91D magnesium alloy
?Body weight
13.8 Kg
?Maximum speed
Approximately 15 km/h
?Driving range
Approximately 10 to 15 km (70 kg person for a ride)
?Age requirement
More than 16 years of age
?Withstand load
Approx. 120 kg
?Power consumption
500 W
?Maximum output
1200 W
55.5 V / 240Wh/8C power battery, mounting work is about 2 minutes
?Charging time
Approx. 150 minutes
?Climbing angle
?Adaptive road
Cement road, asphalt road, flat, paved only can run.
However only in the driveway. Ride on public roads and driving is against the law. Mud road, sand road is not allowed to run.
?Operating environment temperature
-10 to 45 c
?Tire size
16-inch tires.


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