Strida is a portable, belt-driven, folding bicycle with a distinctive 'A'-shaped collapsible frame, designed by UK engineer and designer Mark Sanders. Aimed primarily at commuters and city dwellers whose storage space might be limited, the Strida is designed to be simple to use, quick to fold, and easy to maintain.

A folded Strida can be wheeled on and off trains and buses easily, and can provide greater mobility between other forms of transport. A distinctive characteristic is that the Strida folds into a "wheeled walking-stick" that can be pushed along, much like a folded pram/baby-buggy whose folding concept provided the inspiration for the design.

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Strida 5 - 18" Ask for available colours Product Details
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Strida LT New Black-Sunkist Matt Only one in the world!!! Product Details
Strida LT Yellow Indosat Strida Lt Rp. 5.500.000 Strida Lt Crome Rp. 5.900.000 Product Details
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