Vanmoof No. 6 Over The Top

Vanmoof No. 6 Over The Top

Specifications :

aluminum 6061
frame size 28| rider height 1.55m-1.95m
weight 13,0 KG
tires schwalbe big Apple
lights solar LED
drive chain anti-rust
brake shimano front roller brake | rear coaster brake
gear shimano nexus 3 speed

Moof faster with our VANMOOF Over The Top models. Each VANMOOF model is available as an OTT version: standard equipped with a Shimano Nexus 3 speed, a coaster brake and a front roller brake. Not only extra braking power but also extra gears in case you need to climb some hills like Greg Lemond!

Find all current prices of our OTT models in the VANMOOF webshop.

Park your limousines at the junkyard, we're setting new standards for all chick ladies around the globe!

The ? 6 is the long awaited VANMOOF for women; stripped of all that can break or frustrate and with added functionality and style.

The ? 6 is feminine yet sturdy at the same time and has an overdose of swag! Solar powered LEDs are built into the

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